Kommaly Chanthavong

Kommaly Chanthavong is awarded Asia’s Premier Prize and Highest Honor for her fearless, indomitable spirit to revive and develop the ancient Laotian art of silk weaving, creating livelihoods for thousands of poor, war-displaced Laotians, and thus preserving the …

Marking both the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, as well as Women’s History Month, the United States Embassy in Lao PDR presented an award to Kommaly Chanthavong, our Mulberries founder.

The Samdhana Institute, Global Greegrants Fund and International Funders for Indigenous Peoples, presented the ‘Special Achievement Award’ to Kommaly Chanthavong for her creative and inspiring work over many decades in preserving the environmental and cultural benefits of Laos’ …

2008 UNESCO Bangkok highly awarded Kommaly Chanthvong – Lao Sericulture’s Mulberries, for her scarf pattern – “A Mix of Buddhist Teachings in Many Colors”.

In 2005, Kommaly was nominated among 1000 women for the Nobel Peace Prize for her contribution to strengthening the position of women by giving them a dependable income and thus improving the lives of their children.

2003 UNESCO Bangkok highly awarded ‘Mulberries’ for its excellence in quality silk fiber and artistry.