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The Spirit of Silk Weaving Kommaly Chanthavong – Direct Talk – NHK WORLD – English on Vimeo.

Boby Vosinthavong Fair Trade Futures Conference 2014 from Fair Trade Association.

Video produced by Fair Trade Connection.
Fair Trade Connection stayed at the Mulberries organic silk farm for 5 days to make this video and tell you their story.

Video produced by Fair Trade Connection for Phontong Handicraft Cooperative.

For over 20 years, Phontong Handicraft Cooperative has worked to create sustainable livelihoods for handicraft artisans as they practice the traditional Lao arts of silk weaving, wood carving, and basket making. By providing training and a market for over 450 people in 35 villages, they strive to keep Lao’s cultural arts alive for future generations.

Video produced by John Bye on Lao PDR and the Mulberries organisation and it’s producers.

Video produced by John Bye
Mulberries together with Samaritan’s Purse Canada are providing clean water for Lao families with BioSand water filters. Providing affordable, safe and sustainable access to clean water and sanitation.